All About Body Wraps

Body Wrapping exfoliates and cleanses your skin, detoxifies your body, tightens loose tissue and gives you exceptional and lasting inch loss. It is excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

The average person will lose between 10-15″ on their first wrap, some will get even better results. A series of 8-10 wraps is recommended for maximum results, complete detoxification of the skin cells, and greatest inch loss.


457Benefits & Advantages to Body Wrap Treatments

Non-surgical procedure!
Noticeable Inch Loss in One Wrap!
Lose inches from problem areas!
Cleanses Body of Toxins & Impurities for overall better health!
Treats Unsightly Cellulite!
Works for Both Men & Women!
No Pills or Shots!
Not a Water Loss!
Tightens loose skin from recent weight loss!
Tones Your Body!
Conditions & Softens Skin!
Slimming & Contouring Effect!
Rejuvenates & Revitalizes!
Fantastic for Psoriasis!
Healthier skin!
Firms up Sagging Skin!
Firm, Tone & Tighten!
Cleanse & Detoxify!
Cellulite Treatment!
Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks!
Easy to use!
Low cost!
100% Safe & Effective!
motivation when dieting – see results!
lose inches fast for a special occasion!
lose inches to fit into clothing!