Detoxifying Skin Treatments are an amazing health benefit that many people are not aware of. Everyone knows the health benefits of a detox diet, but did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? Don’t forget to detox your skin!

There are several steps you can take and products you can use for the ultimate skin detox. Dry Skin Brushing the skin every morning and prior to a body wrap opens the pores and stimulates circulation to assist in detoxing the skin. The body wrap treatment is the #1 way to get the best results for a skin detox. The most effective body wrap product for detox is our Spa Mud. This mud contains our base bentonite clay formulation with added seaweeds that assist in detoxing the skin. Another excellent detoxification treatment is a warm salt/seaweed bath. Our Marine Bath Soak is the perfect combination of ingredients to offer the ultimate bath detox.

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