Wrapping your clients is a technique that takes some practice but is easy once you have learned. If you are just getting started, wrap your friends first, or offer a few free wraps to gain experience. Watch the training video for techniques on wrapping with compression bandage wraps.

Preparation and Use

The Clays and Muds are premixed so there is no preparation for the formulation. If you are using Liquid or Mineral, mix according to instructions and soak the wraps in the solution. For Clay or Mud, apply a thin layer directly to the skin. A thin layer will do. No need to keep applying it and do not massage into the skin. As long as the surface of the skin is covered this will be enough.

Bandage wraps: If you are using bandage wraps, soak the bandages in heated water, Aloe Vera Solution, or Dry Mineral mixture. The water should be heated to the hottest temperature you can stand, approximately 150 degrees. 6 bandage wraps should cover both legs, stomach/mid-section, or upper body/arms area. 12-15 wraps should cover the full body. Always begin wrapping at the ankles or furthest from the heart wrapping upward or toward the heart. Wrap firmly.

After wrapping put on the vinyl sauna suit, sweat suit or cover with a thermal or warming blanket to hold the heat in and to keep the client warm for 60 minutes. Your client can relax with a glass of water or perform light exercise such as walking on a treadmill. After the hour is up, unwrap client, simply wipe off extra residue from the body with a hot towel. For best results, do not rinse or shower for at least 6 hours to allow the benefits of the formula to continue to work. If using Cellulite Gel or Toning Mist, apply after removing the wraps and wiping off any residue.

Spot Treatments: To wrap the neck/chin area, pull back hair or use a shower cap. Apply a thin layer of the formula to the skin. Start at the top of the head, wrap and bring to down under the chin and back around.

After the Wrap

Measure again after removing the wraps to see inch loss achieved. Most people see greater results after a series of wraps.