Did you know that our bodies are made up of 50-65% water? Water is the essence of life. We need water to survive.

For optimal health, most health experts agree that we should be drinking 8 ounces per day. I know that it is sometimes difficult to drink as much water as we need on a daily basis, but it is really important to drink 8-10 glasses a day, especially when you are doing a body wrap treatment program.

When performing a body wrap, the body wrap treatment pulls toxins from deep within the pores of the skin. But it also stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to flush the toxins and impurities out of your system. It is important to drink lots of water to help flush out those toxins.

Many people mistakenly think that drinking too much water makes them bloated or retain water, but actually, the opposite is true. If you do not drink enough water, your body reacts and holds on to and stores more water for survival. Some of that water is stored outside the body’s cells causing swelling in places like your hands, feet and legs. The best way to get rid of water retention and bloating it to give the body what it needs, Plenty of Water!

Benefits of water

  • aids in suppressing the appetite naturally and metabolizes stored fat.
  • studies have shown that increasing water can actually reduce fat deposits.
  • The kidneys will not function properly without enough water.
  • Dehydration can cause other organs, such as the liver, not to function properly. If the liver isn’t functioning properly, then the liver can’t metabolize as much fat, leaving the fat to be stored in the body.
  • water helps to maintain proper muscle tone by giving muscles their natural ability to contract.
  • water flushes waste from the body and eliminates constipation
  • drinking lots of water helps the body to store less of it!

If you are not a big fan of plain water, then simply add flavor or tea to your water to increase your consumption. During a body wrap treatment, sip on iced tea to increase your intake. Any herbal tea, with no added sugar, is preferable.