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SResults is a brand that stands for quality. We have been creating Skin Care products for over 15 years that are made for slimming and toning while providing the best in skin care treatments and safe products for the skin. We offer several ways to become a distributor with us with some of the highest profits in the business. And starting is easy.  Simply decide which distributor program best fits you and contact us to get signed up.  In most cases you can get started today! 

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Do you have a website store that sells weight loss products, diet products, fitness products, detox products, nutrition products, spa products, swimsuits, bridal products or any type of product where a slimming inch loss and detox product would be complimentary?

Our Top Selling Products will compliment your current products or services and provide a profitable upsell for your website business. 

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Have you noticed the popularity of Home Body Wraps?  These products are selling fast online with growing interest everyday.

Now is the time to add this niche Body Wrap product to your local store!

We offer some great programs for local merchants and retailers. Local stores, mom & pop stores, bridal shops, surf shops, fitness centers, skin care services, massage therapists, medical treatment centers, and many other stores. We also offer consignment opportunities for qualifying stores for an easy low cost way to test your market with our products.

For Larger Retail Stores and Outlets, we offer mass distribution to retail stores and outlets worldwide. No order is too large or too small.

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Add Body Wraps to your Salon or Spa and increase Profits!
High profit potential for adding body wraps to your existing spa services. And getting started is easy!  Very little space or equipment is needed. Learn more from our Wholesale Blog.

Add Resale Products to your backbar 
If you offer body wrap services, we have some complimentary products for your clients that are perfect for daily use. Slimming Gel, Amino Spray, Aloe and Herbal Concentrate for bath soaks, offer the solutions your clients need and are a perfect addition to your Salon’s back bar for up-selling.

Add Resale Product to your Website 
Do you currently sell products on your Salon and Spa website? Add our products to your web store and when you sell, just send us the order. We dropship so you do not have to stock inventory or handle shipping.  

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Do you have a network of direct sales customers?

Are you looking to offer these customer new products?

Slender Results offers a wide variety of Body Wrap and Skin Care products to meet your customers needs.  We will work with you to put together the best packages and kits to fit your clients needs.  And we can either ship the products directly to you for distribution to your clients or we can drop ship the products to your customers directly.

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Home wraps are the latest trend and we have an easy way to get you in on the action and $$$.  Our program allows for better profits and flexibility, allowing you to run your business in a way that best suits you while not having the worry of keeping up with an MLM. 

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Want to earn a profit with your blog or website but don’t want to worry about orders or sales? Our Affiliate Program is the perfect solution. Simply join the program, add the products, links or banners to your website or blog, and start earning a % of every sale!

Become an Online Distributor and give your clients and website visitors more ways to look great!

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Join our Dropship Program

Don’t want to deal with handling the products? Choose our easy Dropship Program and start selling right away. 

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Order in Bulk

Order in Bulk and ship from your own shipping location. No bulk order is too big or too small.

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Bulk Order to Amazon or any Distribution Center

Add our products to your Amazon or other Store account and we will ship in bulk to the distribution center. Send us your Amazon bar code label after you add the products, and we will label, package and ship the products so you never have to worry about keeping them in stock. 

Choose from our wide selection of products

Select the product or products that compliment your current offerings. Our consultants will help you choose so that it integrates perfectly with your current store or blog. 

Body Clays

Premium Body Clays offer your customers a great way to lose inches fast. We offer the widest variety of clays and muds that target specific skin care needs. 

Slimming Products

We offer the best slimming, anti-cellulite and inch loss clays, gels and creams on the market. Add them to your store and increase profits. 

Our primary goal is to provide a high quality product and partner with great people and businesses to share it with the world. We believe in collaboration over competition. We are always looking for motivated distributors and partners.

Now is the time to take your Business to the Next Level