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Aloe Vera is full of vitamins and minerals that are excellent for your skin. Add aloe to your body wrapping or take a soothing aloe bath for healthier more beautiful skin.

Aloe Vera Liquid Concentrate for Body Wraps and Bath Soaks is made with organic aloe vera for highest quality and a naturally organic skin conditioning formula.

Aloe Vera is known for it's excellent for skin enhancing benefits. It has been used for centuries to help heal the skin and is effective for helping to eliminate cellulite, stretch marks and When used for body wrapping, aloe detoxifies and works deep in the pores to aid in circulation and the elimination of toxins and impurities in the skin. Aloe body wraps will help to smooth and condition the skin as it contours.

While Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial as a stand-alone body wrap product, Aloe Vera formula is the most popular choice for wrapping in combination with a clay or mud wrap for amazing inch loss results!

Only the purest Aloe has been used in our unique Aloe Vera formula. It has been cold processed to preserve all of the nutrients and vitamins found in the aloe plant. Our Aloe Vera concentrate contains 99% Aloe Vera. Enriched with multiple vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, that will help rid your body of cellulite.