Performing Body Wraps for clients requires the right space. Very little space is required and you can set up a space at a salon or in your home.

Space Needed

A 6’ x 8’ space is all that is required. This is adequate space for measuring and wrapping a client. If renting a space in a salon, or if setting up several rooms in your salon or spa, the 6’ x 8’ space is all that is needed for the wrapping process. After the client is wrapped, you can lead the client to another area, to a sauna, toning table, treadmill, or comfortable chair for the 60 minutes in the wrap. It is best to set up the room with a mirror, an electrical outlet and no carpeting. If you are starting from your home, the bathroom is great if it is large enough. Or the kitchen usually provides good working space. If you are wrapping in your kitchen, make sure you do not have sweets and goodies set out for the client to see. Remember, your client is trying to lose! Offering the client a cup of herbal tea or a tall glass of ice water will help them relax and also work in conjunction with the body wrap by cleaning out the toxins from the inside out!

If you want to set up a space in a salon, ask lots of questions:

  • Does the space have an outlet? A sink? A mirror? Carpeting? Any furniture included?
  • Is there a changing room?
  • Do they have toning tables, saunas, treadmills, or a place for your client to lay or sit while in the wrap? You can set up a package with the salon or spa for the client to combine treatments. That is always a good idea because it makes you seem like part of the salon service.
  • What are the hours of the salon? Can you offer your services at other times?
  • How much decorating can you do to the space you are renting? You may want to add a mirror, relaxing pictures, body wrap pictures, etc.