While the product itself will bring repeat clients, providing excellent customer service with professionalism is key to building your client base and bringing in more word of mouth clients.


It is always a good idea to maintain a standard of professionalism. The way you present yourself is a reflection of your business, both inside and outside of the business. If a client sees you around town, you want to appear just as courteous, respectful and professional as you are in your place of business.

While professionalism is great, you want your client to feel warm and welcome at the same time. Help your client to relax by talking softly and showing sincere interest in them and their goals.

Maintain client confidentiality always. Don’t talk about other clients when with one client. Don’t gossip about people. That will only make your client feel that you will be talking about them to the next client. By maintaining client confidentiality, your clients will feel more comfortable talking to you about their individual problems and goals. When performing the wrap, talk about the procedure and the steps you are performing. Encourage your client to ask questions at any time during the procedure. Playing soft relaxing music will help your client to relax and not force conversation.

Make your clients feel good about themselves. Always listen carefully to your clients. Provide your clients with clear and realistic goals. Don’t make promises about the outcome of the wrap. Always go over expectations with your client and let them know that inch loss will vary from person to person. Some people require more wraps to see the best results. Be open and honest with your clients.

Customer Service

Body wrapping is a personal care service that puts you in direct physical contact with your clients. Your client is looking to improve him or herself. Your job is to make each and every client your top priority by putting a smile on their face. Treat each and every client like they are the most important person in the world to you. Make them feel good about themselves by offering a listening ear and showing support.

Here are a few additional customer service tips and how to make your client feel comfortable:

Don’t schedule appointments too close together as to make one client wait. This shows that you respect their time.

Be ready and eager to work with each client.

Greet each client warmly. Find something to compliment about them.

Put the client at ease. Body wrapping is very personal and many people will feel uncomfortable standing there in their bathing suit. Do what you can to help your client relax and feel comfortable with you.

When performing the wrap, always welcome questions from your client and check with them periodically to make sure they are comfortable.

Make sure the client understands the procedure and the products used.

Dress like a professional.

Do not chew gum, eat, drink or smoke while in the presence of your client.

If the client is not happy or if a mistake is made, offer the client something free or discounted in order to appease them.

Memorize your client’s names.

Write down mental notes about the client after the client leaves to help you remember things about them….children, job, etc. for better conversation next time and to show them that you care about and remember them.

Do not ask for a tip. Leave it up to the client if they think a tip is appropriate and if they give you a tip, don’t check out the amount, simply thank them graciously.