So you have heard about Body Wrap Treatments and you want to try one and do it yourself at home. Here are the top 10 reasons you should never do an at-home body wrap!

  1. It’s too messy!
    10reasons-messyClay and Mud Body Wraps can be a bit messy so if you are worried about getting muddy, then don’t do it!
    However, with Slender Results, you will get the proper techniques of applying the clay or mud so that you don’t have too much excess to have to clean up!
  2. It’s too hard!
    Body Wraps can be difficult to do the first time you wrap yourself, especially if you are using bandage wraps and doing a full body body wrap.
    With Slender Results, we provide instructions to help you learn how to wrap yourself at home and to make it easier for you to wrap yourself.
  3. It Costs too much!
    10reasons-moneySome body wraps can be really expensive. Be ware of the single applications or applicators that cost alot and cover little and only offer 1 time use. It Works, for example, sells a single one time use belly applicator for $25 (or 4 for $99).
    For less that $100, Slender Results offers clays and kits that provide multiple (15 +) treatments. Slender Results body wraps are affordable solutions. We offer larger sizes for multiple wrap treatments and smaller sizes at lower cost for smaller areas of the body. Wrap yourself at an affordable price with Slender Results Body Wraps.
  4. It doesn’t really work!
    It’s true that body wrap treatments do not work on everyone, nor do they offer any miracle inch loss of 15 or more inches in one wrap! But, they do detox, tighten and tone your skin and have a 99% success rate. If you order the best wrap treatments (Slender Results) and follow the proper instructions, they do work.
  5. Those applicators don’t fit properly and cover all areas of the body!
    10reasons-doesntcoverIf you try the It Works Body Wraps, chances are you are one of the growing number of people who feel that It Works doesn’t work and are frustrated with the lack of results or applications per money spent.
    Don’t be frustrated by not being able to wrap all the areas you need to wrap.
    Slender Results Body Wraps allow you to apply the treatment to any and all areas of the body with complete coverage of those areas. Don’t settle for less, get the best! Slender Results body wraps for True Results that cover all areas of the body!
  6. It isn’t as good as the Salon Wraps!
    This is true with most body wraps you order online. Applicators certainly don’t work like a salon wrap.
    Slender Results body wrap clays and muds are used in salons and spas worldwide and are the #1 choice for many body wrap professionals. When you buy Slender Results products, you are getting the same high quality body wraps that are used in Salons!
  7. Do it yourself Body Wraps take too much time!
    10reasons-timeAny beauty treatment can take time. Body Wraps take 1 hour and for some, that may seem like too much time. But if you go to a salon, add in your driving time, prep time and checkout time, you will be spending more time then if you wrap at home with a Slender Results Bodywrap Treatment.
  8. Body Wraps are a fad and not worth trying!
    Body Wraps have been around since ancient times and they have been used for detoxing the skin (the largest organ in the body) for better health and more beautiful skin. At home treatments are new, but they are not a fad that is going away.
    Slender Results at home body wrap treatments are the best way to detox your skin for healthier toned skin!
  9. It is weird wrapping up like a mummy! 
    673-2Agreed! It may be a little weird to most people to wrap up the body like a mummy. There are many spa treatments that may seem weird if you do them at home and body wrapping is no exception.
    But the benefits and the results you achieve with a Slender Results full body wrap treatment makes it worth it!
  10. The clay and mud will leave my skin dry and irritated!
    While it’s true that the drawing power of clay and mud treatments can be drying on the skin, if you use the best clays and muds, and follow up with and after treatment such as Slender Results gel,
    amino spray or lotion, your skin will be soothed and you will feel like you just left the salon with a high end skin care treatment. Slender Results also offers a complete collection of body wraps so that you can choose what will work best for your skin type.



There you have it! The top 10 reasons why you should never try a body wrap treatment at home! Body wrap treatments may not be right for everyone, but if you want to save money, get a true salon treatment at home and perform your own body wrap, then be sure to buy a reputable product that is made with the highest standards in skin care, the best ingredients, and backed by a company that offers support. If you want results, get Slender Results!