Step 1

Education! Learn the technique. In order to better learn the industry, take local classes in body wrapping, aromatherapy, herbs and customization. Shadow an experienced practitioner in your area. Building these credentials help establish trust with your current and future clients.

Step 2

Register! Find out if you need to apply for licensing and permits and know if you will need a business license and tax identification number or other operating permits.

Step 3

Research! Find spas offering body wraps and take note of their business techniques, marketing to their customers, body wrap packages and pricing.

Step 4

Product! Purchase a body wrap business in a box from Slender Results. Call us for a customized order built for your needs.  At minimum you will need compression wraps, Slender Results body wrap formulas to pre-soak the wraps if desired,  sauna suits, aromatherapy oils, and Anti-Celllulite gel for after treatment.

Step 5

Marketing! Register your body wrap business with online spa directories. Join professional organizations, such as the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals group, and say Thank You to your customers for referrals with discounted coupon codes or gift certificates. Create brochures to give out at hotels can help attract out-of-town clients such as wedding parties, offer complimentary treatments to other health and wellness professionals, including yoga instructors, aestheticians and massage therapists, so that they’ll want to promote your business to their own clients or become a referral. Also, join local chambers of commerce and networking groups for small business. Offer your services as corporate thank-you gifts.