Cellulite occurs when fat deposits begin to push through layers of collagen and/or connective tissue near the skin. Men store fat in a sort of ‘X’ pattern while women store it in more of a grid pattern, where it is more abundant in the hips and thighs. This means that while it is more common to see cellulite on a woman, men can have it too. And even if a person is healthy, eats well and exercises, they might still have cellulite. Even models have it! So what do we do about it without having the high expense and invasive procedures of surgery? 

Hello Body Wrap Clay

One of the factors in the formation of cellulite is poor circulation. One of the many benefits of body wrap clay is to increase blood and lymph circulation thereby reducing the chances of forming cellulite. The Body Wrap Clay also pulls out toxins from deep within the pores of the skin and allow the active ingredients to penetrate where it can be more effective to fight existing cellulite. All of our body clay products are excellent for fighting cellulite, but here are a few that target this specific skin concern.