Did you know that Slender Results formulas work with the lymphatic system to pull the toxins and impurities from the skin?  Which means that even after the 60 minute wrap, our formulas are still working, and therefore no shower is required.

So what do we recommend?  We recommend that your clients do not shower for several hours before their body warp and for 4-6 hours after their body wrap.  This gives our formulas the optimal time to work with the lymphatic system in ridding the skin or toxins and impurities.  Once a body wrap is complete, simply use a warm damp cloth to remove any excess residue.  For added benefits apply Slender Results Slenderizing Anti Cellulite Gel.

If you have wanted to add Body Wrapping to your Line of Services but don’t have a shower room, or didn’t want to deal with the extra step of your clients having to shower, then wait no more.  Now is a great time to add body wrapping, with no shower required.