Wholesale Dry Mineral Body Wrap Formula


This Original Dry Mineral European Body Wrap Formula preferred by Salons Worldwide!

Pulls, Tightens Up, Firms, Tones loose skin, Smoothes and Contours skin. Removes toxins and impurities.

Preferred by Salons and Professionals for these 4 simple reasons:

  1. Easy to Use! Simply add the mineral to water, soak your bandage wraps in the Mineral solution, heat and wrap!
  2. The Dry mineral is a good alternative for professionals who are not licensed to provide direct contact of lotions to the skin. With this formula, the wraps soak up the solution. As you wrap your clients, the formula penetrates the skin from the wrap and is just as effective as the Spa Clay without having to apply the clay to the skin directly.
  3. No mess! When you wrap your clients with the mineral, there is no messy clay to wipe on prior to wrapping and no messy clay to wipe off after removing the wraps. Simply remove the wraps and you are done! (we do recommend applying our Gel after removing the wraps or providing your clients with the gel to apply themselves. See our resale gels for great prices on our gels.
  4. Get's Real Results! Excellent for toning, tightening and inch loss.